Sigyn is an NPC who can be found in Roots of Yggdrasil. She is the wife of the Trickster and asks Lumisa to free him. After ???, she will permanently disappear from the room, presumably deceased.

Glossary Entry

Sigyn is the wife of the Trickster who was condemned to be slowly showered with continuous drops of poison. She tried to alleviate his suffering by collecting the drops in a container, but as years went by her body began to whither and now she can no longer visit her beloved husband.


First visit

Would you not hear my final wish, as I lie here on my deathbed?

Please release my husband. Accused of a crime, he is being subjected to punishment by continuous exposure to poisoned water.

As I have become unable to keep the poisoned water from him, he suffers yet.

He is trapped in the room below the statues of the three goddesses. Poisoned water drips down from the beast statue hung above his head.

Please, help him...

After freeing the Trickster