You'll definitely want to get Alruna for at least some of these strategies if you have already unlocked her. The fastest way to grind for fairies without the proper software is to touch the fairy spawn at Immortal Battlefield (E-2), keep an eye for the green sparkles and, if the sparkles are not green, exit to the right before the fairy pops out of the sparkles. Alruna is always the 5th fairy you try to summon.

Icefire Treetop (C-4) Pots

Summon Alruna and warp to Icefire Treetop Front Grail (B-3). Then, make your way to Icefire Treetop (C-4). Kill the two enemies immediate in front of you. Equip the Knife and break the entire top row of pots. Loop by going immediately up/left to (B-4), which will respawn the pots. Repeat this process until the fairy leaves.

With the Bracelet and Alruna, you can make 300 Coins on average by doing this.

  • 400 Coins in a single go is possible if you also use the Gale Fibula immediately after breaking the last pot next to the developer room wall, you can sprint back to the ladder and bonk off the pot in (B-3). Disable the Gale Fibula before you bonk off that pot, though.