Legend tells of a dwarf whose duty was to guard treasure. This guard became the dragon Fafnir. So great is his power ethat he once made an enemy of the Aesir. It is said those who taste his blood or heart will gain knowledge above all others.


Fafnir (フアフニール Fuafunīru) is a large dragon that breathes fire. It is the Guardian of the Roots of Yggdrasil.

Finding Fafnir

Revealing the Ankh

After clearing the puzzle of the statues of the Goddesses, strike the head dripping poison onto the corpse on the ground in the room below the 3 statues.

Finding the Ankh Jewel

Fighting Fafnir


  • Fire Breath: It will shoot fire out of its' mouth
  • Fireball: It will shoot out fireballs upward
  • Needles: It will shoot out needles from its' body when its' health gets low

Weak points

Fafnir's weak point is it's head